Our Spirituality and Mission

“Contemplating with Mary His opened side, we enter into the mystery of the Heart of Jesus and receive the gift of his Spirit.” (FDNSC Constitutions No 5)

Like Mary, we want to build our lives on the example of Jesus.

“We experience in faith the forgiving, healing and transforming power of his love.  We are impelled to live and proclaim this love….”(FDNSC Constitutions No 5)

We want to pass on God’s love as shown to us by the compassionate heart of Jesus.

“… leading others to know that in Jesus, God loves them with a human heart and is the answer to their hopes, their questionings and their every need.” (FDNSC Constitutions No 5)

Our mission is to make this love known everywhere and to everyone without conditions.

Our motto is:

“May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved”.

At present we have more than 1000 members in 27 countries on all 5 continents.

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