Father Jules Chevalier

Our Founder, Fr Jules Chevalier, MSC, lived in France from 1824 to 1907.  As a young seminarian in 1848, his heart was deeply touched by a conference on the Sacred Heart. He discovered “that the essence of Christian religion is not found in theoretical formulas but in a living person who loves with a human heart, Jesus Christ, God’s word incarnate.” This ‘spiritual experience’ was the birth of Chevalier’s passion for Jesus Christ. (Hans Kwakman, Jules Chevalier’s charism and the identity of the Chevalier Family)

In 1854, he founded the society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  After 20 years, in 1874, he founded our congregation, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.  He is also the Spiritual Founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (founded in Germany in 1900) and of the International Branch of the Lay members of the Chevalier Family. His process of beatification has already been introduced and he is now declared Servant of God.

With our founder, Father Jules Chevalier, we are convinced that the remedy for “the ills of our time” can be found in the unconditional love of God for everyone! This love was shown to us by Jesus. His Heart was full of compassion and went out to all, especially to the poor, the sick, the unloved and those who are marginalized in our society.

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