The preparations for our General Conference have started

The General Conference will be held this year at Casa di esercizi spirituali, Via di Monte Cucco 25, Rome.

We are expected to arrive at the centre at lunch time (1:00 pm) on 27 September and leave the place on 10 October, after lunch.

monte-cuccu-intern-4          monte-cuccu-intern-5


We have carefully studied and explored some possible themes for the conference.  After having considered the comments we received from the Provincials and Regionals, we arrived at this theme for the conference:

Ametur…sowing seeds of life and hope in our broken world.

Follow us on this website, and …. let us entrust this Conference to our Mother, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.  We ask her to “accompany us as we seek to hear the word of God and do it.” (Const. 12)